I can help you with:

  • Apple upgrades
    Is your iMac or MacBook Pro running slow? Battery on your MacBook Air is lasting only an hour? I may be able to give your computer a new lease of life for a lot less than a new Apple computer.
  • Apple service
    Is your Apple Mac laptop or desktop playing up? Don’t go out and spend money on a new computer, I may be able to fix it for you.
  • Malware removal
    You clicked on a link and now ads popping up all the time and your computer is running slowly. You may have a virus. I can fix it for you.
  • Set up new devices
    You have an Apple Mac computer and an iPhone, but you find it difficult to manage your emails, music or photos across your devices. I can help you sort it out and de-mystify the whole process.
  • Internet and email setup
    Your Internet provider said that it will all be easy. I can set up your router so it is easy to connect yet, secure.
  • Data recovery
    Have you lost important files or family photos? I can help you to recover your lost data and set up backup, so you are protected in the future.
  • Backup
    Are you backing up and is your backup actually sound? Do you know that all disks fail sooner or later? I can help you set up secure and safe backup, for your peace of mind.
  • Training
    They said that iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and iMacs are easy to use. Yes, they are, but you still need to understand a lot of things before you are able to use them to their full potential. I can show you how, without baffling you with geeky jargon.
  • Safety and security
    The Internet can be a dangerous place. I can help you to secure your home Internet and access for all your family devices.